We Care for Veteran’s and Active Military.  
We Care for Veterans
and Active Military.

Patient Care

What to Expect

Advanced P&O’s ABC-certified facility combines patient comfort with an onsite fabrication lab. Office visits are conducted in our Honolulu office and patients residing on the islands of Maui and Kauai are cared for through home visits or at a medical office.

APO of the Pacific

Appointment #1:

When you make your first visit to our office, the practitioner with which you are working will appraise and measure, possibly taking a cast mold. If casting is done, it would consist of using a plaster or fiberglass wrap, which is removed after it hardens. While casting may be delayed until a later visit, if applicable, a prefabricated device may be supplied at this appointment.

Appointment #2:

Prior to the second visit, if a cast was taken, the cast will be used for fabricating a custom device. At this appointment, the practitioner will evaluate the fit of a trial or final device. For a typical orthotic device, the appliance is provided at this time. With prosthetic devices, more appointments are necessary for fittings and modifications.

Follow Up Appointments:

Recurring visits may be required to preserve a prosthesis proper fit and function. For a new amputee, as a result of atrophy to the residual limb, a replacement socket is typically needed approximately six months after the original fitting

We understand the services we provide are essential for a patient’s daily functioning and mobility. When adjustments and repairs are needed, we work with you to resolve concerns quickly and with minimal disruption. Our staff is on call offering 24-hour emergency service.

How to Schedule an Appointment

After obtaining a signed prescription from your physician, call our office at 866-949-8273 to schedule an appointment. Scheduled visits ensure that patients have the practitioner’s full attention for the duration of the meeting.

If you have Medicare and have had an orthotic or prosthetic device prescribed, your physician will need to provide details regarding your need for the device, including a copy of their chart notes.

Upon scheduling the appointment, plan to arrive 15 minutes before the appointment time to complete registration. Be sure to bring the following to the appointment:

Photo ID

Insurance Card

Physician’s Prescription