We Care for Veteran’s and Active Military.  
We Care for Veterans
and Active Military.

Lower Extremity Prosthetics

Ottobock C-Leg®: These microprocessor-controlled knees are designed to deliver the best in stability and reliability. The on-board computer built into the knee senses and calculates the needs of the user more than 50 times a second. Click Here for More Information.

Ottobock C-Leg
Ottobock Genium® X-3

Ottobock Genium® X-3: With this leg prosthesis system, the virtually natural replication of the physiological human gait is possible. Since the system is water and corrosion-resistant, it opens up entirely new possibilities, including showering or going swimming. Walking backwards, climbing stairs step-over-step, or walking at changing speeds and with different stride lengths is possible, as the joint is intuitive to use and flexible in adapting to the circumstances. The running mode provides settings needed for jogging or running. Click Here for More Information.

Össur Rheo Knee: Working in conjunction with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Össur produced a knee that automatically learns and adapts to the user’s movements and adjusts swing and stance resistance for optimal response and stability without the need for programming. It compiles information about the wearer’s movements and programs itself. Click Here for More Information.

Össur Rheo Knee
Össur Power Knee

Össur Power Knee: Delivering powered extension when standing up, controlled resistance when descending, and active flexion and extension during walking, the POWER KNEE facilitates symmetrical weight distribution and natural gait. Click Here for More Information.

Össur Proprio Foot: Providing artificial proprioception – the sense of where the limb is in space – this patented artificial intelligence sorts out the information from the foot’s sensor technology and activates the most appropriate response for the next step. Click Here for More Information.

Össur Proprio Foot
Ottobock Taleo

Ottobock Taleo: This carbon fiber prosthetic foot is designed for active individuals who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on effortless walking. Characteristics include smooth rollover and terrain conformance. Click Here for More Information.

Rush™ Foot: Made of Flexeon, a composite fiber material that is three times more flexible than carbon-fiber materials used in conventional prosthetic feet, the Rush foot is designed for lower extremity amputees with higher activity levels. Click Here for More Information.

Ottobock Triton

Ottobock Triton: The prosthetic feet in the Triton family of products are based on the interactive triangular spring system. Three interconnected spring elements ensure smooth rollover characteristics. Triton feet are suitable for a broad range of applications from everyday use to recreational sports. Click Here for More Information.

Ottobock Trias: Innovative design and lightweight construction technology combine for a foot with excellent energy return. Secure, controlled movements help the user build self-confidence. The foot adapts to different walking speeds and to uneven terrain without a loss of comfort, while reducing strain on the sound limb. Click Here for More Information.

Ottobock Trias
Freedom Innovations Renegade

Freedom Innovations Renegade: Utilizing patented Z-shape technology for high shock absorption along with greater energy return and forward stride motion, the water-resistant Renegade provides a smooth gait regardless of the wearer’s speed. Because of the foot’s angular design, energy is returned to all key areas of the leg, providing optimum cushioning of the residual limb, and also the highest possible level of tibial progression. Click Here for More Information.