We Care for Veteran’s and Active Military.  
We Care for Veterans
and Active Military.

Liners & Suspension

Custom LinersDeveloped by a certified prosthetist for an amputee’s unique limb shape, custom liners are recommended for patients with prominent bony limbs, limbs with sharp or irregular contours, a high level of sensitivity, and/or significant scarring such as skin grafts. Click Here for More Information.

Ottobock Harmony Vacuum Systems

Ottobock Harmony® Vacuum Systems: This technology, which creates an elevated vacuum between the patient’s liner and socket wall, promotes natural fluid exchange and a secure fit. Click Here for More Information.

Össur Unity Vacuum Systems: Whether an above-knee or below-knee, low active or high active, mechanical or microprocessor solution is required, the Unity Sleeveless Vacuum System offers the wearer flexibility. With this system, it is possible to improve socket fit and enhance suspension, reduce pistoning and rotation, promote skin and limb health, lower energy consumption, and optimize gait characteristics. Click Here for More Information.

Össur Unity Vacuum Systems